A Soothing Meditation for You

– By Pam Bauerle

Note: This is not therapy, and opinions stated are solely mine.

This is something I use with my clients at the end of sessions with those who experience anxiety, self-esteem issues, or perhaps just want to calm themselves before they go back into the world from our safe space. Mediation is a chance to connect with yourself, relax, and soothe yourself. If you like it, and choose to make it a regular practice, so be it. If you want to use it as a coping tool to help reduce your anxiety, fear, or high emotional state, that’s ok too. There are no rules, it is simply a tool you use for yourself, on your timeline.

So, as you begin, go to a quiet place in your home, if that happens to be your bathroom or your car, go for it. Wherever you feel like you will not be interrupted for at least 20 minutes.

First, ground yourself. Follow these simple steps.

Take 5 deep breaths – Imagine a cord of light starting at the top of your head dropping down to the base of your feet. Think of yourself as a tree, sinking your roots into the earth.

Sit, stand or lie down with your feet hips width apart relaxed and allowing your arms to be relaxed at your sides. Be as comfortable as possible.

Take all of your awareness to your feet, and in particular, to the base of the ball of your foot.

Imagine all of your weight sinking down into the earth.

Visualize roots extending out from that point down deep into the ground.

Relax into this for a few moments, allowing your body to relax and breathe deeply in and out.

Enjoy this sensation and imagine yourself to be a large tree with big roots fully in the ground. Feel the feeling of security in this knowledge.

Continue to breathe in and out, as long as you need to, dropping your beam of light into the earth, with your roots, securing itself into the center of the earth.

Trust that the earth has you and can support you. Repeat steps until you feel calm and more secure. Continue your deep breathing.

(You can use this tool anytime when you are feeling anxious or stressed, or not in the present. I do this every morning to ground myself for the day).
As you begin, take a moment to congratulate yourself, for being here. You are taking care of you. You are honoring you.
Continue to breathe… Check in with your body, scan your body: feel any sensations, any emotions; acknowledging whatever’s being felt. If an emotion comes up, allow it and release. You are honoring you, by allowing you, as you are.
Now very gently, bring your attention back to the breath: Be mindful of your breath in the abdomen, expanding on the breath out and falling on the breath out. . Breathing in and breathing out with awareness. Breathing normally and breathing naturally, feeling the rise and fall of the abdomen. This type of mindful breathing can help calm us down when we are feeling anxious, feeling fearful, so just be mindful of the breath coming in and going out — breathing in and out with awareness. This is a wonderful gift you are giving yourself.
If you find in the silences that your mind has wandered off, compassionately, gently, bring it back into your breath. This is natural, so be gentle with yourself. Continue to breathe, enjoying the sensation of being fully present with yourself. Remember, right now there are no must haves, no responsibilities, all will be as it is. Let the body, and your light work its wonders. Let everything be as it is.
Now, let’s bring our awareness into your body, simply scan your body slowly from head to toe. Slowly, scan your face, nose, ears, neck, shoulders. Any tension? If so, imagine the white light kindly comforting the area, and flowing through with love, allowing any tension to slowly release and rise into the sky. This light is very kind, very soothing, like warm water.
Now, again, slowly, scan your chest, arms, elbows, and hands… If tension is found, acknowledge this area, and allow the white light to fill this area with love. Continue to breathe in, filling your body with relaxation and ease, and comforting you so you know you are safe, loved and cared for. You deserve all that is present, and remember this light is always carried with you and is constantly available to you.
Continue to breathe… Let’s just sit here in this wonderful place of relaxation and love. Now, bring your awareness to your abdomen, hips, and back area, sensing any tension or pain, release it and allow the white light to take over, sweeping into it and releasing it into the sky. If there are any emotions that come up with these tensions, allow it to come forward as well, and release without judgment. You are giving yourself a tremendous gift, as you honor yourself. Just let that be…
Now Breathe… Now let your awareness rise up from the buttocks, your upper legs, thighs, knees, and into the lower legs.
As we go through this body we may notice more tensions, tightness, achy-ness, and if we can, allow any of these areas to soften. Relax. But, if we are unable to soften, it’s ok, just let it be… Let everything be as it is.
Continue to breathe and now be aware of your ankles, feet, toes, and the bottom of your feet. These areas carry a load for us every single day. How are they feeling? Do they need extra care and love? If so, speak kindly to this area and thank this area for supporting you and carrying you forward every day. Continue to see the cord of light from your head to your toes, connecting down into the center of the earth, feeling the power of this stable white light. You are in this light and are loved and worthy of this moment. Remember you are this tree. Breathe into this knowledge. No one else is you. You are a unique and beautiful being placed here for a purpose. You may not know what that is yet, but it will come when the time is right. In the meantime, you are on your journey, learning all the tools necessary to be prepared. You are loved, you are cared for and beautiful. Breath in and surround yourself in the light… Bask in this light that is you. Remember to breathe…
Listen to your breath with compassion. There is no need to push more than you can handle. Knowing this space is here for you anytime to help us with anxiety or any other feeling you are experiencing. Remember everything we experience is an opportunity to learn, and
as we learn to be, and sit with things as they are, you may discover the underlying causes of your anxiety, fear and pain. You can handle it.
And now gently withdrawing from your mindful practice, come back to the breath again, in and out, feeling your breath in and out… Relaxing and breathing, 5 times in and out… Let’s come back to the present, allow the white light to continue to circle us and wind into our belly button… your solar plexus. This is the area where the sense of self is stored. Breathe in and out one final time… when ready, open your eyes. You are here now and ready to face the world.
May you go in peace.