Chad Fraga, AMFT /#132664

“We can never escape the human condition”

I am humbled as I grow personally and professionally to learn the depth of the human experience. We are all going through something. I enjoy treating couples and adult individuals that are looking to deepen their inner awareness and have an expressed desire to connect further with their intimate relationships. The couple relationship, the way in which you emotionally connect, express yourself, and grow, is one of the hardest but most rewarding things someone can commit to. Being vulnerable enough to allow both yourself and someone else to love you is hard, but also the birthplace of fulfillment, compassion, and empathy. I enjoy working with folks who are curious about how they can find more fulfillment in their lives and their relationships. I also have an interest working with clients from diverse backgrounds and want to learn how to navigate relationships that may not have the same world-views as your own.

I work from a non judgemental, deeply attuned, extremely curious, and strength based approach. Simply coming into the therapy room is such a big step and I am incredibly hopeful and appreciative to work on this journey with you in creating a more meaningful and joyful human experience.

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