Candace Henrikson – LMFT #141798

I offer a therapeutic experience that aligns with core values. I am passionate about working with teens, adult individuals and families who are motivated to address pain that may be dictating their lives and sense of self. I want to help you work through that pain together to reveal strengths, values and inner wisdom that can empower you to feel that your best self is dictating your life instead of the problem saturated one.

My approach to this work is utilizing modalities such as Narrative, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I also have a background in Medical Family Therapy, substance abuse counseling, working with adolescents with co-occuring mental health diagnosis and supervising counselors in Wraparound programs providing services to system-involved families.

Walking into the process of therapy is daunting enough, even if you’ve been to therapy before. The fear and hesitation that can come from the thought of having to retell your story from the beginning can feel insurmountable. Additionally, connecting with a therapist who understands and truly hears you, can feel out of reach. As an intuitive therapist, it is my priority that those who come to speak with me feel seen, respected, and have their stories held with reverence. It’s important to me that the clients I work with do not feel alone as they go through the process of healing and that I will be a reliable and compassionate witness and facilitator of that process.

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