Amanda Whitten – APCC #11379

Whether you are looking for support through a challenging situation or you are ready to begin working towards a new direction in your life, therapy can be helpful in creating the foundation you need to reach your goals. While I can’t tell you what direction to take, we can work collaboratively exploring your past, present and what you want your future to look like. I specialize in Attachment and Narrative based modalities as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which have been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of mental health concerns.

Attachment therapy focuses on the relationship between you and the people in your life with the intention to work toward secure and healthy attachments with others. Narrative therapy helps you to identify and change the stories you tell yourself about you and the world around you that were created from your experiences throughout life and can be especially helpful for those who have experienced trauma or difficult life events. While Attachment and Narrative therapy are more exploratory, Cognitive Behavioral therapy is more goal-oriented and works to help you identify and change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior. Through each of these modalities, you will grow your sense of understanding of yourself, how you perceive things which will in turn empower you to make the changes you want to see in your life.

Asking for support can be a difficult thing to do. I want to acknowledge the strength it has taken for you to be right here, right now, beginning the process and taking the first steps towards the changes you want to see in your life. I look forward to learning about your experiences and to be a part of your journey!

Amanda Whitten Associate PCC 11379

Under the supervision of Carisa Sherwood LMFT 48768

Couples Resource Collective

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