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Couples Resource Collective is a nonprofit training facility for trainees, associates, as well as a group practice for licensed clinicians who either have a passion for working with couples or would like to hone their couples therapy skills. Our non-licensed staff receive additional training that focuses primarily on working with couples and adult individuals. However, we also provide some specific trainings on risk assessment and law and ethics as well as a $100 annual stipend to attend additional trainings outside our organization. We generally work with students/clinicians who have an interest in developing a private practice or being part of a group practice and we gear our training to provide education and guidance on how to successfully prepare for that once they become licensed.

For STUDENTS/TRAINEES: Please email Program Director, Clay Hughes at [email protected] and provide a resume or CV along with a letter of interest.

For POST-GRAD/ASSOCIATES: Please email Program Director, Clay Hughes at [email protected] and provide a resume or CV along with a letter of interest and a copy of your associate registration certificate from the BBS.

For LICENSED CLINICIANS: Please email Executive Director, Billy Schult at [email protected] and provide a resume or CV along with a letter of interest and a copy of you clinical license.

Information for schools and their training coordinators:

Couples Resource Collective has worked with many schools and is deeply passionate and proud of the supports we provide students in their practicum. The following is a brief list of supports that students receive at our organization during their practicum training.

-Weekly Group Supervision.
-Weekly Individual/Triadic Supervision.
-Weekly staff meetings and training in theory, interventions and other essential information.
-Ability to record audio/video material for clinical supervision (at the client’s discretion).
-Opportunity to complete all relational and general clinical hours to meet graduation requirements.
-Training on electronic health record systems.
-Training on notes and treatment plans.
-Brief introduction into insurance billing.
-Training and support specifically geared to clinical and professional development of each student/clinician’s theory and population interest.

Commitments and requirements:

-Students will need to commit to a 12 month training and approximately 15-20hrs/week that includes clinical work, non-clinical work (notes, treatment plans, client centered advocacy etc…), supervision, and training.
-Mandatory weekly trainings for trainees are held every Friday morning.
-Students must be enrolled in a credentialed masters program in either marriage and family therapy, social work or counseling and be cleared for practicum.

If you are the clinical training coordinator for a University and would like additional information about our organization, please feel free to contact our Systemwide Program Director, Clay Hughes at [email protected]