Pam Bauerle, MFT Trainee
People have always told me, “You are so comfortable to talk to, I can tell you things I would never tell anyone!” I have dreamed about being a therapist since I was four years old and my entire career has been devoted to assisting others in their growth, both personally and professionally.In mid-life, I chose to pursue my dream of becoming a therapist. I believe the client- therapist relationship is a special bond that honors and values your story. When we work together, my supportive, non-judgmental perspective will help us collaboratively explore your personal needs so you may achieve your goals. I work within different modalities to assist me in our work, leaning towards experiential therapy, CBT, art therapy, mindfulness, and Jung dream analysis. Known for my sensitivity, care, and calm demeanor I enjoy individual and couples’ counseling and sex therapy.

I will be graduating with a Masters of Arts in Marital & Family Therapy in 2019, and am currently completing certification with The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) on Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behaviors. My clients are individuals and couples working through relationship and sexual issues (including ED and sex addiction), and mental health topics, such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, infidelity, trauma, communication, and conflict resolution. Being married for 33 years, I draw upon my own personal and professional experience working with those who identify as LGBTQ, Polyamory, BDSM, swingers, and fetishists, as well as other topics of interest to you.

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