Dorian Cox, AMFT /#                                               

Do you trust yourself?

A seemingly simple question that can lead into the depths of self exploration. I am passionate about working with people who feel lost within themselves. Navigating through life’s challenges can be increasingly difficult when you feel a loss of connection to who you are at your core. Emotions can be confusing, leaving people feeling helpless, stuck, and alone. I am determined to collaborate and help guide you through understanding the beauty of being a complex person with the ability to feel in control and powerful in the face of adversity. I offer an unconditionally safe space to explore your relationship with vulnerability and how it relates to yourself and others.

I am confident in working with couples, individuals, and children who are struggling with self-esteem, life transitions, and trauma. I have an understanding of working with people who are experiencing issues with intimacy, connection, and unfulfilling relationships. It is a great passion of mine to empower individuals to connect with their vulnerable parts and understand the way their experience has been shaped by the world we live in.

I approach therapy from a curious, empathetic, and collaborative standpoint.

Starting therapy can be a challenging process, my hope is to offer gentle guidance in reconnecting with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Give me a call at (916) 245-9535 or email me at [email protected]