The Couples Resource Collective works to strengthen the community by offering classes and groups that improve personal and relationship skills. We believe these skills are the foundation of happy couples who raise healthy families and strengthen communities. Workshops can also improve and speed up couples and individual counseling.

We strive to provide effective classes and supportive groups that offer communication skills, conflict management, problem-solving, and more.  Whether you’re single or in a relationship, finding help with others in an group environment can be particularly impactful. Participants learn tools that can build and reinforce strong relationship foundations for lasting happiness with partners, friends and within themselves.





A safe, supportive, and vulnerable environment with men seeking personal and relational growth opportunities.

Gottman Workshop Series

Learn tools to help your relationship thrive using the Gottman Method. Strengthen connection with your partner and explore how conflict can create opportunities for positive connection.

A group for women experiencing infertility, to connect and feel supported.

Learn about patterns of connection created in your youth that influence your relationships with friends, family and partners.

This is an in-person group for all who identify as woman that are looking to build on there interpersonal relationships.