We are a federally recognized nonprofit counseling organization that employs a collection of professionals and volunteers who believe happy couples raise healthy families and build strong communities. Though our name may point to our work with couples, our work focuses broadly on relationships which includes family, friends and even within ourselves.


For our communities to have easy access to well trained and affordable therapists and counselors


To strengthen couples and communities by providing affordable and accessible services to couples and their families by well-trained and caring providers and staff.


To provide you with the best possible experience we ensure our staff participate in weekly training and supervision to learn how to effectively use principles from various theory and practices that are evidence-based or research supported. The process is intended to add an extra layer in preparing our staff for working with clients so they may help you build a stronger bond with yourself, your family and friends and to gain practical relationship skills for a lasting relationship.

Additionally, our agency uses a trauma-informed approach in our work with clients as well as within the agency. We firmly hold that it is more important to consider what has happened to a person rather than what is wrong with the person when we witness behavior we don’t understand. Further, we welcome a wide array of clients and community members: LGBT, Recovery, people of color, and faith-based. For more information about our efforts to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, please visit the brief explanation provided on the Services page or our EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY & NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY.


Couples Resource Collective strongly believes you deserve an enriched life, that the best of ourselves grows by learning from others.  You want a professional team who knows first-hand the challenge of working with someone who meant well.  We understand the importance of a safe environment where you can process your thoughts and emotions.  Each of our counselors, coaches, staff and Board of Directors values the diversity in thought and history each member of our agency and our clients arrives with each day.  Our goal is to minimize stigma and judgment in the services we provide in our effort to strengthen our community.

We use a breadth of knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure your story is heard and valued without the imposition of others’ thoughts or values.  Your success depends upon your ability to develop thought and emotion that leads you to the sound resolution you want.

In particular, we strive to provide affirmative counseling and services to LGBT, people of color, recovery, and faith-based communities.  We cherish you and your relationship regardless to the stage or challenge most couples and partnerships face at some point:

  • Dating
  • Differences in communication
  • Differences in (non-)religious spiritual beliefs or belief in deity
  • In a long-term relationship or married
  • Infidelity & trust
  • Parenting, co-parenting, blended family, or empty-nesting
  • Coming out, whether you’re early or later in life
  • Navigating the rules of sexuality or gender expression, monogamy, polyamory, or open relationship
  • Separation or Divorce

Relationship Coach

Why choose a Relationship Coach?

Because not all couples struggle or suffer the challenges of mental illness or addiction. In fact, many issues and problems in life do not require the assistance of a mental health provider. A relationship coach can help clients achieve goals, such as improving communication, reducing conflicts, and improving relationship satisfaction.