By Pam Bauerle MA, LMFT #129745

As a couples and sex therapist, people ask me all the time, “am I normal?” My
answer is yes. Whatever you do with yourself and/or your partner that is
consensual, is beautiful. Think of sexual pleasure on a spectrum. Each person is
at a different point on the spectrum on what activities turn them on.
A great deal of us were raised with puritanical beliefs, which came from various
religions that have been passed down from the ages. However, sex is a human
need, and an expression to bring us balance, joy, and connection. Puritanical
beliefs and sexual expression don’t necessarily cohesively pair. So, as adults, we
get to examine and decide from what we were taught, what do I want to keep
and what do I want to discard in order to live my best sexual life? Now, you get
to choose, as this is your life. Your sexual life is private, so what brings you joy
and pleasure, is up to you.
Releasing the old beliefs that have held you back for so long takes time, so be
patient with yourself and/or your partner. Reach out to us at CRC in order to
work through these challenges. It will be worth it so you can enjoy your life and
develop the connections you desire. Yes, sex is something you engage in well into
your golden years, so don’t give up. Have fun and live your best sexual life! Enjoy!

*This is not therapy and is strictly of the opinion of the author.