Renee Ketchum, AMFT
Female Therapist, Sacramento, couples therapistI work with individuals and couples who are motivated to begin the process of change. I provide a safe environment for couples struggling with feeling “disconnected” from their partner, who need support in developing intimate and vulnerable communication in order to promote a lasting and satisfying connection. I also provide sensitive and transparent treatment to individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, impulsivity, dual diagnosis and trauma.

If you are struggling with feeling connected, with being seen and heard, I help by actively attuning to your specific needs in order to support you and/or you and your partner in exploring your internal world, your relationship with the outside world, and creating lasting and satisfying relationships.

Healing takes place in the context of healthy and mature relationships. Conversations which allow for vulnerability, accountability and transparency helps to create a sense of trust and safety both within oneself and their relationships with others.

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