Genevieve Harris-Eckel, MFT Trainee

Female Therapist, online, teletherapy, couples therapist

Who I work with:
I treat adult individuals, and couples, who are open-minded, motivated, and committed to improving their lives and their relationships. I enjoy working with passionate, insightful, and reflective people who are struggling with relational issues such as infidelity, intimacy, as well as professionals who are struggling to balance their work with their personal lives and goals. I have a large amount of experience working with individuals, and couples who suffer from relational and communicational conflicts, and business executives who are struggling to find a work-life balance, and or if they’re in the middle of a career transition.
How I treat patients:
I primarily use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Structural Therapy (SFT) in my work, and I operate from a client-centered approach with my clients. I have additional experience in other therapeutic models; however, I base the theory I work with off the client’s needs, strengths, and the issues they are seeking therapy to help address and or repair.

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