San Juana Melgoza, LMFT #107454
Female Therapist, Sacramento, couples therapist, licensed therapist, sports psychologyLife dissatisfaction may be a result of one or a series of events that can interfere with the way we feel and how we interact with others. Such dissatisfaction may lead to self-restricting behaviors in our attempt to relieve our depression, abandonment, anger, guilt, shame, grief, loss, trauma, and anxiety. What we come to know as self-restricting behaviors are a serious of coping mechanisms that we develop over time in our unconscious attempt to protect and or relieve pain and suffering.

A large part of my clinical work involves trauma, anxiety, depression, and attachment injuries that often contribute to life dissatisfaction. My therapeutic approach is composed of engaging and connecting the whole mind and body. It is my believe that every human is born with natural gifts that fuel goals and provide the capacity for healing.

My approach promotes a deeper connection with yourself and helps you work through self-restricting behaviors, ultimately creating the fulfilling life that you desire. I will work with you to have a deeper connection with yourself and your partner to promote the experience of safety and love that you deserve.

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