Parsi Kim, AMFT# 78596
There are times when you need to feel heard, especially during times of uncertainty. If you’re at a crossroads and wondering how to manage difficult feelings, what career path to take, or wanting to improve the relationship with yourself and others, I can help. I provide a safe space for you to understand the barriers standing in your way and to learn ways to problem-solve. 

It’s common to get discouraged amidst the everyday stressors. However, I’m confident that you’ll gain clarity through our open dialogue so that you can make necessary changes and follow through on your goals. 

I have a holistic approach that focuses on self-awareness in order to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and understand your relationship to your world. Over the years, I’ve worked with individuals whose main concern was finding their purpose. I offer traditional and alternative approaches to therapy so that you can continue on your journey to do so. 

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