Communication is the cornerstone to relationship success. When partners and family members have an equal understanding and expectation, they are able to effectively communicate and solve problems together.  They are able to explore issues and values that differ.  However, without a mutual understanding of how to communicate well, it can feel like you’re in a game in which the rules are always changing and stacked against you.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always taught how to fairly make a point or disagree.  Disagreements can take what feels like a life of their own and cloud how we see and hear things, this especially true for those who come from communities or a history of being stigmatized, marginalized, or otherwise abused.  We each can relate to this by thinking of a time when the skills we were taught and the history of things that happened to us unwittingly caused us to do things or act without considering how others may interpret our actions, like the time you were doing something and it seemed like you were in a movie you couldn’t stop.  Our staff are keenly aware of relationship dynamics and how to teach and use communication skills that can help you break the cycles that bind you or your relationship:

  • Dating
  • Engagement
  • Newly married
  • New parents
  • New routines/roles
  • First/Last child leaving home
  • Goal setting
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Finances
  • Addiction (sex, alcohol, gambling)
  • Intimacy
  • Sex & Sexual Orientation
  • Swinging
  • Opening/Closing the sexual relationship
  • Polyamory


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