Charisse Brass – AMFT #136522

Female Therapist, Sacramento, couples therapist Hi there! My name is Charisse.

I am passionate about working with couples who are motivated to work on their relationship and are committed to the process of therapy. In our society, we are taught individualistic values and to value our personal needs in the relationship above all else. I believe that while honoring your boundaries in a relationship is important, it is also necessary to understand that a partnership consists of two people with equally valid needs in the relationship. In my work with couples, I help them shift their perspectives from an “I” to a “we” and build a sense of working as a team toward a mutual goal. I work from the perspective that one partner is never solely responsible for why the relationship is struggling and work to help you both understand your roles in your relationship patterns. I have a direct yet non-blaming approach that encourages both partners toward becoming better at understanding their partner, communicating openly and clearly rather than making assumptions, and building a secure relationship foundation.

I also have a strong interest in helping individuals explore meanings in their lives that have been constructed through life experiences and societal expectations. I enjoy helping people build lives that resonate with them and feel authentic. Life is a complex experience that creates the opportunity for each person to create a narrative for their lives that enables them to experience it to the fullest. No matter what you have been through in your life, I believe there is the opportunity to develop a capacity for connection to your own story and to others that can make life feel truly meaningful.

You can reach me at the contact information below to schedule a free phone consultation.

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