Briana Schiff, AMFT Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Female Therapist, Sacramento, couples therapist

There is an old saying: “No man is an island.” Yet, many of us often try to handle too much alone. I believe therapy can be an amazing asset when we’re feeling overwhelmed or isolated and when the relationships we rely upon most are strained. In times like these we may just need a helping hand to bring us back together and that is where I feel therapy can help us create space to grow. While my focus lies primarily in the bond between couples and issues around intimacy, I also work with struggling adult individuals, couples and families to find balance, improve communication, and restore wellness. The picture of wellness looks different to every person, which is why my approach to therapy is tailored to each client. It is my hope to provide you with empathy and a safe space to explore your needs and help guide you toward your goals through collaboration and trust.

I look forward to being a part of your journey. Call the office to schedule your free phone consultation with me!

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