Amanda Whitten – APCC #11379

I work to offer a genuine and safe space for individuals to explore areas of their life they would like support in. I begin the therapeutic process with attachment-based interventions by exploring childhood and how it has shaped the personality and views of the individual. The modalities I most often use are Narrative and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Together we will work to identify the narratives, or stories, that have been created based on your experiences. We will explore where they came from, how they impact you now and if you feel that they still serve you in your life today.
The areas that I offer support in are life transitions, depression, anxiety, infertility, grief, sexual abuse, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Asking for support can be a difficult thing to do. I want to acknowledge the strength it has taken for you to be right here, right now, beginning the process and taking the first steps towards the changes you want to see in your life. I look forward to learning about your experiences and to be a part of your journey!

To contact me about scheduling a session:
Please call me at (916) 877-9505
or email me at [email protected]